About Future Learning Solutions

Future Learning Solutions combines research from the University of Auckland with the service quality of UniServices to deliver a range of education solutions.

Our passionate and experienced specialists dedicated to delivering professional learning and development for educators in schools across New Zealand, Pacific and Australia.

We work across many different elements of the education systems both in New Zealand and overseas, allowing us to support the education sector and deliver the right solutions for our audience.

Our Business Innovation team works to apply business best practice to all our solutions, through developing evaluation frameworks, delivering operational excellence, ensuring quality and consistency across our solutions and improving our customer experience.


Collaborate  •  Innovate  •  Inspire

We believe that our work needs to be developed in collaboration with our partners, educators, whānau, communities and ākonga.

Our structure allows us to innovate, adapting to changing needs and creating solutions to support educators where it is needed.

We aim to inspire the education community to think differently about what education can be and their own ability to create change.


Our Whakataukī

Poipoia te pā harakeke
He puāwaitanga anamata.

Through nurturing learners, educators, leaders, and communities our future will flourish.

Centre for Hauora and Wellbeing Education

The Centre for Hauora and Wellbeing Education works with schools to improve the quality of teaching and learning in physical education, activity, sport, wellbeing and hauora.

Our team is made up of teachers who are passionate about the role of health and physical education in impacting learner outcomes.

We believe that by improving the hauora and wellbeing of NZ's young people we can set them on a path of lifelong learning for themselves and in their relationships with others.

Centre for Languages

The Centre for Languages supports educators and the wider community to develop and deliver language learning programmes in a range of different ways.

Through our Learning Languages programme we offer one-off events and workshops, six month and one-year programmes to support teacher reflection and practice.

There are immersion programmes and grants for teachers to experience the culture of a language, and many more opportunities and resources for teachers of languages in New Zealand.

We believe that those who learn, experience and practice more than one language are better set for growth, success and security in their lives.

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Centre for Educational Leadership

The Centre for Educational Leadership continues the work of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Viviane Robinson, Professor Helen Timperley and others, working with school leaders to develop their professional skills and capabilities.

We offer many solutions, including workshop delivery of our Open-to-learning™ Leadership and Growing Great Leaders™ programmes, in-school consultancies, support to communities of learning, induction programmes for newly appointed principals and the development of leadership for international principals. 

We believe when leaders focus more on the core business of teaching and learning, the greater their influence will be on positive student outcomes.

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Centre for Literacy Learning

The Centre for Literacy Learning works with school leaders and teachers to raise the literacy teaching capability within their schools.

Our team is made up of highly experienced facilitators and tutors, many of which have been part of this work for more than 10 years.

We believe that each child deserves the same opportunities to succeed in life, and through early interventions we can support those who need it.

Reading Recovery New Zealand



Reading Recovery is an early literacy intervention designed to significantly reduce the number of children with literacy difficulties in schools.

The intervention has been in NZ schools for 40 years, offering tutor training and qualifications for professionals and adopted in a number of countries including USA, Canada and the UK

Find your nearest Reading Recovery Centre 

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Centre for Pacific-led Education Solutions

The Centre for Pacific-led Education Solutions is focused on using Pacific ways of knowing and being to establish culturally responsive learning solutions across the Pacific and New Zealand, which support Pacific children to excel.

Partnering across the Pacific Islands with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (NZ Aid programme) and Pacific Island ministries of education to increase literacy standards in cities and provinces, has resulted in several context-based programmes to enhance teaching practices, reaching over 200 teachers and 6,000 students.

We believe that cultural heritage, faith, family and service are important values to be passed from generation to generation.

Te Whanau Maioha

Te Whānau Maioha, Centre for Māori Education, was originally a part of the University of Auckland Faculty of Education - Te Puna Wānanga and over that time became a leading provider of Māori Medium professional learning development.

With strengths in mathematics (Pāngarau) and in Te Reo Māori in English Medium PLD, we also offer solutions specialising in student achievement in Māori and the use of multi-media, all backed by research from Te Puna Wānanga.

We believe that where there is change and growth our future as Māori is assured.

Toi te korure, toi tū te tupu, he putanga anamata.

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